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Motion graphics are emotionally captivating. They affect our emotions; it’s actually a biological response. Thanks to the phenomenon of emotional contagion, we immediately empathize with and mirror the emotions of the experiences we see depicted on a screen. (That’s why you experience physical fear in a horror movie or joy in a rom-com.)

When you are telling emotional stories (with images and/or the written word,) motion graphics give you many tools to help you communicate. An engaging script, moody music, powerful voiceover, and stunning visuals can all work together to build an impactful story.

This way of communication is so effective because it targets the way your brain processes information. In fact, visual processing is nearly instant. That’s why many things are easier to understand if you can “see” them. Through visual storytelling, motion graphics help break down complex information, delivering the message simply and clearly. Think about how this can be useful for explainer videos, processes, data visualization and abstract concepts.


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Stories in Motion

If you find that your business simply isn’t generating the attention that you need it to, you may have fallen into the trap of building a business that doesn’t draw anyone’s attention. Customers won’t know your business exists by virtue of it existing, and customers are also inundated with generic advertisements daily. Your business might easily be lost in the crowd if you haven’t taken steps to stand out. And that’s where my business helps your business forward.

Motion graphics are 20 seconds to 2minutes long, which is incredibly helpful when you need to make an impact as soon as possible. By combining audio and visuals, motion graphics make the most of humans’ information-processing abilities, letting you say more with less content. What might be explained in a 1,500-word article can be shown in a minute. A complicated process can be visually explained in 15 seconds. Their inherently visual nature also makes motion graphics useful if you are in an environment where you can’t rely on audio.







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It’s no wonder motion graphics and animation capture our curiosity.  The suspense, the surprise, in discovering what’s next and where the action is going, intrigues us. There’s something very fun about it.