Transients Trilogy by Britt Lubbers

Three Remarkable books about our world. What it might be, what it could be, what it should be.

Volg een indrukwekkende reis van Tamsin, Primrose, Asa, Malik en Omer door de schaduwen van het heden. Op zoek naar een gestolen toekomst in een corrupte wereld vol angstaanjagende geheimen.



Our natural world, fate, growing up, friendship, death and immortality, loss and farewell, distorted reality and myths are common themes in my stories. The genres I write in are Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure and Suspense. Altough I do like to try out other genres from time to time.

Other people describe me as a slightly awkward introvert with big green eyes and awesome hair. I didn’t invent the airplane or the internet and I know I wasn’t the first person to reach the north pole or to set foot on the moon. But I do write books. I always try to craft stories with a meaning.

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