Very few things in this world are absolutely good or absolutely bad. For the most part, things are what we make of them.

As the saying goes, “EACH CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING,”

Science will tell us that anxiety and depression don’t usually target any one type of person in particular. With that said, there may be one group of people who, as a whole, are more likely to deal with matters of anxiety: creatives. This belief comes from the idea that ‘artistic’ creativity comes from expression — and the most gripping, intimate forms of expression usually arise on the heels of hardship. It arises at the moment when we’ve come to the realiziation that appearantly rock bottom also has a basement.

But why exactly do so many creatives suffer from ‘anxiety?’ Is it perhaps because anxiety is nothing more than our imagination put to use in the absolute worst way possible?

When we have anxiety we aren’t mostly afraid of the physical things in the real world. We are afraid of the stories that we make up in our minds. The stories in our heads that we then attach to these situations in our lives.

We didn’t create everything we have right now by sitting still and only taking in what was told us. We created all of this with our imagination. We mostly fear the unexpected. We mostly fear what we ‘imagine’ could happen.

These problems we foresee are not there yet, these situations have not happened yet and these people we think will reject us, haven’t rejected us yet. And it might never happen. So therefore we can conclude that anxiety is build upon by nothing more than our imagination.

What if we used all of that imagination to actually create something. Instead of letting it slowly kill us from the inside out?

“To co-exist with potentially crippling anxiety and create anyway, the rewards can be significant.”

                                             “KEEP CREATING.”

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